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Grand celebrations should be marked by a great venue where friends and family come and revel together. And it’s totally understandable if you want to enjoy a quiet scene with your core loved ones. But, we've got the perfect idea for those who want to elevate the occasion into a clubbing high! BOOK A SECTION with 4 Gents Cigar Bar & Lounge!

Section 3 - Seats 7 (Bottle Service)

  • All deposits paid in advance for a section are non-refundable. Additional bottles not listed are available upon request. CHECK-IN TO SECTION IS REQUIRED BY 8 P.M. FRIDAY & SATURDAYS and 3 P.M. ON SUNDAY.  ANY SECTIONS NOT CLAIMED BY CHECK-IN TIME WILL BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC AND DEEMED A NO-SHOW. We cannot guarantee a specific artist or food vendor will be present each night. If the desired date is not displayed, it has already been reserved. NO Helium balloons, confetti or OUTSIDE ALCOHOL OR NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.   Catering is allowed by request and prior approval only. 

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