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Grand celebrations should be marked by a great venue where friends and family come and revel together. And it’s totally understandable if you want to enjoy a quiet scene with your core loved ones. But, we've got the perfect idea for those who want to elevate the occasion into a clubbing high! BOOK A SECTION with 4 Gents Cigar Bar & Lounge!

Section 1 - Front of Bar Near Entrance

  • All deposits paid in advance for a section are non-refundable. Additional bottles not listed are available upon request. CHECK-IN TO SECTION IS REQUIRED BY 8 P.M. FRIDAY & SATURDAYS and 3 P.M. ON SUNDAY. ANY SECTIONS NOT CLAIMED BY CHECK-IN TIME WILL BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC AND DEEMED A NO-SHOW. We cannot guarantee a specific artist or food vendor will be present each night. If the desired date is not displayed, it has already been reserved. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL OR NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.   Catering is allowed by request and prior approval only. 

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